Costume & Set Designer Jobs

Seeking a costume and set designer for a one-man show being filmed in October 2020. The actor/singer will play 10 different characters. Most of these will be interacting with each other, so most of the “transformations” will be done entirely by the actor’s voice, posture, etc., and will not require “quick change” costumes. The two tricky characters will be the mummy himself, and the female character .

The set can be a traditional build, or a mix of traditional and projection mapping. This is a still from a one man show that has a similar feel to what I need:

My stage area will likely be 15×10 or so.

Breakdown of Characters portrayed by our singer:

  • Introduction:
    • Edgar Allan Poe
    • Mr. Usher
    • Man
    • Annabel Lee
  • Operetta Proper
    • Throckmorton FitzSpitzenkoff (Fitz) – A well-to-do merchant with a passing interest in archaeology and a greater one in food.
    • Rosalita von Doyberger FitzSpitzenkoff – Fitz’s long-suffering wife.
    • Doctor Ponnannor – A self-proclaimed scientist with a somewhat shady reputation.
    • Decius Brutus Gliddon – A friend of Fitz and the Doctor.
    • Silk Buckingham – Yet another friend.
    • Count Allamistakeo – A most non-conformist mummy

Detailed information about the production:


There are essentially two locations, but could use a single set, with props added to “change” to another location.

Filming will take place in early October 2020.