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Richard deCosta

Richard deCosta (richarddecosta.com) has been writing music since age 10 after hearing and becoming entranced by Wagner’s Ring Cycle on NPR. Almost entirely self-taught, he spent the next decades learning the craft of orchestral composition and arranging. Unlike most composers, Richard’s main instrument is the drums, and the rhythmic obsession shows in his compositions. Since the early 90’s he has diverged into composing in such diverse genres as jazz, latin, rock, electronica, and most recently, electro swing. 

In addition to orchestral and chamber music, Richard’s composing credits include several short horror film scores, one feature-length zombie film score, How to Kill a Zombie, two seasons of the popular web series, Ragged Isle and a yet-to-be-completed epic space opera called Kai, Death of Dreams, which is sung in an alien language created by Richard. 

Richard is a registered Maine fishing guide, private pilot, and drummer for the Saco River Jazz Ensemble.

Thomas Cleveland Lane

Thomas Cleveland Lane is a semi-retired actor, playwright and poet, living in Gaithersburg Maryland. As a performer, he had the pleasure to act in the Gilbert and Sullivan operas, The Yeomen of the Guard, H.M.S. Pinafore, Patience and The Pirates of Penzance (twice). He has also performed in the traditional opera The Magic Flute, and the modern opera Evita. As a poet, he has two books of verse for sale on Amazon: Too Many Rhymes, Not Enough Brains (for school-age children) and The Lost Notebooks of Glub Dzmc.